This week I’m loving medium-sized shrimp.

Not the taste or because I have a hankering for cocktail sauce, but because that’s the size of baby #3 this week (according to!

That’s right – baby #3 is on the way! (I could use my standard narcolepsy as an excuse to why I haven’t been posting as often as I used to, but excuses drive me nuts so I won’t. But – for the record – being pregnant with two kids in the house and working full-time is a bit on the exhausting side.)

13 weeks down. 27-ish to go. But probably more like 26 if this little babe is like the other two darlings who each came almost a week early (which is just fine with me because they were both already over nine pounds at birth! Can I get an “uf-da?”)

My second favorite thing this week is that I can still fit into my pants – Hallelujah!!! I had visions (nightmares?) of growing out of them at about the fifth week.

When the time comes I’ll embrace my stretchy waistbands. Until then I’m rocking the everyday wear.


Our family had a great Halloween night, with lots of trick or treating which resulted in LOADS of candy! I’m doing my part to whittle it down so that the kids don’t get too sick. I’m such a good Mommy.

Here’s my little dragon, Peter (I made his costume this year – bought the fabric weeks ago but, for some reason, waited until literally the last hours before he needed it for school to sew it. Some day I’ll learn.)


And my little lady bug, Charlotte (costume courtesy of Carter’s)

Charlotte carrying her own loot

Casey and I took the kids and my sister Sydney out for three blocks worth of trick or treating (our longest Halloween trek yet!)

smiling for the camera

The kids had a great time ringing the doorbell and waiting for homeowners to come with their treasures. Peter complimented almost all of the homeowners on their nice decorations or cool candy bowls. What a sweetie.

at the alley neighbor's house


and seeing a HUGE pumpkin was a family favorite!

neighbor's huge pumpkin!

When we returned home, Peter ditched his costume and spread out all of his candy

Peter and his stash

Charlotte preferred to sit on her loot. I think it was more functional than protective.

sitting on her pumpkin

I think the highlight of the night, though, was watching my two little kidlets playing together.

playing together with Peter's candy

What a great night…makes me want to stop time.

I’m stepping outside of my brain’s comfort zone and attending a pretty heavy conference today.

A “manference” really, as the core audience is made up of scientists and engineers.

I kinda feel like wearing a sign that says I’m just here to fill a chair.

While I’m clearly out of my league, so far I’ve heard a tidbit from the woman who inspired the Jodi Foster role in the movie Contact and am currently listening to the CEO from Honeywell.

The world is fortunate to have brain power from the people in this room.

Makes my day job seem pretty fluffy. Still important, but super fluffy.

You heard it right. I’m loving my VCR right now.

You remember what a VCR is, right?

Are you bewildered why I would love one let alone still have one?

Six years ago, when Casey and I moved into our house we decided to go without cable. It was mainly to save some cash until we knew what our budgets would be like with the addition of a mortgage and all the additional costs a home brings into your life.

Six years later, we’re still without cable or a DVR or TiVo or anything really. In fact, when we got the digital box this past winter we “got cable” in the form of the addition of the CW to our line up of CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox and PBS.

So…why am I loving our VCR? I love Desperate Housewives. I know, I know. I can’t help it. I never watched it until my maternity leave with Charlotte, when I decided to start with the first season and plow my way through.

DH just happens to be on the same time as I’m in a classroom (hopefully) teaching a group of 9th graders about Jesus and their Catholic faith.

Before I leave for class I pop in the tape (only one I have for recording), rewind it to the beginning, and ask my dear husband to start recording at 7:55. When I get home I put Charlotte to bed and then head down to the couch to catch up with the ladies.

Tonight I had a picnic for work so I set it to record The Office wedding. Actually…I don’t have the remote for the VCR anymore so I can’t really set it. I just turned it on and let it record everything until we returned home.

Now I’m sitting back to enjoy the grainy quality in all its glory, commercials and all as I’m too tired right now to get up and fumble with the fastforward button.

An oldie but a definite goodie.

The two monkeys I have at my house crack me up.

They love taking baths – together, separate, whatever. As long as they have an endless supply of bubble bath and tub toys, they’re set for hours. (Daddy can hold out over an hour. I’m ready for them to get out after 20 minutes. Therefore, Daddy is the preferred bather.)

According to Daddy, their favorite toy is my Mary Kay facial cleanser. If I happen to leave it down, they descend on it almost immediately.

Last night Casey left them for a nano second to grab a clean towel.

When he popped his head back in the door he noticed the kids had my cleanser and were about to squeeze the remaining contents into the water.

“Peter. That’s Mommy’s special soap. Why are you doing that?” asked Casey.

“A cause (because) you weren’t watching us!” answered Peter.

Huh. Makes sense, I guess.

I just wish it didn’t cost $18 a bottle…

(Much like two weeks ago…pretend it’s Thursday. Just for a few minutes.)

Without a doubt, my favorite thing of the week was the super long nap I just took. Alone. On the couch. In the middle of the afternoon. By myself. With a movie on in the background. Did I mention I was alone?

I had a pretty busy week with driving to Minneapolis with the family on Friday night, Liz Logelin Foundation events on Saturday, driving home alone from Minneapolis, then up early and to bed late Sunday through Tuesday for a conference I organized for work.

Wednesday and Thursday were wrap-up days and today I whisked my two bundles of joy (can they still be called bundles at ages 16 months and 4 years?) off to daycare then came home to crash on the couch.

Pretty much the only time I got up today was to do a couple loads of laundry and pick up Casey to go to lunch at Xtreme Pizza Kitchen (yum!).

I think the work week should naptime.

It works for my kids, I’m sure it would do wonders for me.

This week my favorite thing came from Peter.

Casey was reading to him last night when Peter asked, “Dad. Why did Jesus die for us?”

Casey gave him an answer that’s somewhat consumable for a four year old.

Then Peter said, “So Jesus is waiting for us in heaven?”

“Yes,” said Casey.

“Well when I get there I’m going to give him a big high five.”

Does it get any better than that?

Wow – who knew that goldfish are so unhearty?

We had three last Thursday and lost one about every day and a half, with Sharkie (who was re-dubbed Nemo) kicking it on Monday at some point.

Now we have an empty fishbowl to once again clean out and store, in anticipation of the next fish.

I’m thinking betta next time.

My sister had one that lasted forever (which equals a couple of years in human time).

Or maybe you have a better recommendation? One that doesn’t require a fancy system, please.

First off…let’s pretend it’s still Thursday. But only until you’re done reading. Then party like a rockstar (which for us is watching Hannah Montana: The Movie) and enjoy your Friday!

I can’t help but appreciate and love my kids’ reactions to our first family pets, brought home last night after a trip out for bubble bath.

It might have been an impulse buy on my husband’s part, but we are now the proud owners of…





and Sharkie


(I’m pretty sure I got those in the right order.)

These are technically the kids’ second pets. They had two goldfish (Nemo and Rosie) that experienced a bit of trauma (aka “held by Peter”) on the way home from the store and made it about two hours.

Casey brought home the new members of our family last night and we were extra careful to avoid trauma (still aka “held by Peter”).

Charlotte pointing to the fish


Here’s hoping that Nemo, Dori, and Sharkie live long and prosper.

And if by chance they don’t…that the kids aren’t too heartbroken if we need to have a traditional goldfish funeral.

Update – Nemo has left the building. The kids haven’t noticed yet, so I think we might do a switch-a-roo. That’s not deception, is it? Hope not!

Have you ever heard of a woman-centric house? Not the “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” kind of woman-centric, but an actual method of home design.

I hadn’t until I was asked to join a Facebook group about that very topic.

I proceeded with wary caution and was amused with what  I found.

Contractors have coined the phrase “woman-centric” to describe homes in which they actually talked to the female head of house before throwing up the two by fours and calling it good. (Okay, I know there is a heck of a lot more to it than that, I’m just being factious.)

The vendor that invited me into their Facebook group doesn’t describe the woman-centric home on their website so I found the skinny elsewhere (disclaimer: I have no idea if these guys are legitimately woman-centric, but I liked their site better than some of the others).

There are some great ideas out there! If we ever build our own home (and let me tell you, after just reading about The Pioneer Woman’s lodge remodel, I don’t think I have the patience or the cash or the patience or the cash), I would seriously consider some of these ideas.

Now, I noticed that there are a few design incorporations that were left out, such as:

  1. A laundry chute! Now I guess that’s probably more granular, but it should be a staple. We have a two-story home with a two-story chute (one opening in the bathroom and one in the kitchen). I heard recently that these might be a fire hazard and can’t go into new homes. In that case, we’re never moving.
  2. Concealed spots next to your bedside table for a helmet that you can slip on before going to bed with your 1-year-old daughter, her spindly arms and legs, and her new baby doll with the hardest plastic head in the world.
  3. How about a sound proof room for when the kids start playing instruments and the strains of music are a bit hard on the nerves? I kid, I kid. Music is a wonderful gift, but why do kids love to bang on piano keys with the force of a 200 pound man?
  4. An electronic display that can reassure me that I did indeed lock the doors before getting cozy in bed.
  5. A washing machine that can automatically move its contents to the dryer or hanging rack. Then when dry, fold said contents and deliver to their respective rooms. I love the idea of laundry, but stink at the implementation.

What would your woman-centric home include?