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Hobby. Addiction.

Whatever you call it, I’m liking it.

This past weekend we went to Casey’s parent’s house. There is a super cute, looks little but really quite huge, quilt shop in the town just over from them and it’s pretty much the first thing I thought of when the weekend rolled around.

Casey’s mom and I headed over there after lunch on Saturday and (among the many, many, MANY things I wanted to buy) I found the cutest oil cloth.

blue catch all close up

Absolutely adorable.

I had purchased an oil cloth tote for Charlotte at this year’s Fargo Street Fair, and decided to make her another one.

I was finishing it up over lunch yesterday (literally) and had to head back to the office. Only one of the handles was affixed and I had an idea.

What if I left this one as a cute little catch all for my door? I’m constantly collecting things from various parts of the house and staging them before I leave. Letters, camera, keys, etc.

Now I have a cute place to put them instead of on the floor/counter/high chair.

Here are a couple pictures of the finished product.

blue catch all

blue catch all

I have more cloth left and my master plan for it is forming now.

To be continued…


I think I’ve found a new favorite hobby.

brown/green tote

brown/green interior shot 

And the really cool part about this particular bag? My new buddy Amanda asked me to make it as a gift for her friend’s bridal shower!

I hope she likes it!

I’m going to a birthday lunch for my friend Heather today. Last night right before 9:00 (it’s important to have thoughts before 9:00 as that’s when most of the retail stores close here!) I decided that I would make her a bag as a birthday present.

If you’re keeping track, that would mean a third bag in as many days. What has gotten into me?

I can tell you what has not gotten into me – cleaning my house.

But I digress.

So I started working on bag #3 right around 11:00 and finished it up around 1:00.

bag #3

A new personal record!

The only thing is…I think I might like this bag more than the one I made for myself.

bag #1

But I have a plan.

I have fabric swatches for both bags and will let Heather choose which fabric she likes more.

Brilliant, right?

Think blue, Heather. Think blue.

I went into Mill End Textiles on Friday with the goal of picking up some batting so I could finally finish one of the many quilt toppers that co-exist in my spare bedroom’s closet.

Three days later, I’m a bag lady.

bag #2

As I combed the store (can anyone really find anything quickly in that store?) for the batting, a tote bag pattern caught my eye. And then three bolts of fabric caught the other one.

I left the store with my bag gear, and no batting. (Really – the quilt waited this long. What’s another week or year?)

I’m really good at starting projects, but not so good at finishing them so I decided that it would be better to just dive in and get a bag made. I surprised myself by how quickly bag #1 was finished. I went to bed at 1:01am – that’s practically early in project-land!

With bag #1 under my belt, I was compelled to crank out #2. Crank I did! It was done in less than 3 hours of work, just in time to get in the mail to my sister in Jordan (the city, not the country).

What a feeling of accomplishment.

bag #2 close up

Now if I could only get the same motivation to clean the living room…