Goodness gracious.

You know you’ve taken a long break from blogging when you come back and your domain has expired, somebody else bought it, and people wonder what the heck you’re writing about when in all actuality it’s not even you anymore.

I guess there is another mommy who wants to be a muser.

Here are the last seven months in a nutshell: had baby #3, bought a company, went to the lake a bunch, worked a bunch, haven’t shaved my legs in a bunch, travelled a bit, and that brings us to tonight.

My sister, her husband, and my goddaughter Mollie are here for the weekend as my sister and I are taking a photography class from rialee.

I wanted to eat her studio.

Seriously, it was so full of delicious photos and babies that I could hardly stand it.

Tomorrow is the practice part of the session, where we get to take our cameras for a spin.

The next challenge after that is to line up my posse and try to get some cute shots before somebody starts crying.

Dream big, eh?

I’ll post some photos post-class. Can’t guarantee how long it will take, but I’ll shoot for sooner than seven months from now.

Geez louise.