It’s been quite the week. A good week, but one of those break neck, “holy cow how many more things can I shove in here” kind of weeks.

Allow me to divulge…

Sunday, January 31

Made it to mass with about half a minute to spare. Church is packed we sit on folding chairs in the lobby. Kids use this opportunity to party like rock stars. Head to dinner with my parents and siblings afterwards. World’s slowest service and after 75 minutes we get our meals. Thank goodness for the iPod Touch and our ability to distract Charlotte. Afternoon with the fam, then off to teach religion class in the evening. Come home to sleeping family (WHAT?), do last minute prep for my move into home office, which kicks off tomorrow, and do some research for the wedding I’m helping to plan.

Monday, February 1

Regular morning routine of getting kids and myself ready for school and work. Get to school before breakfast is served (WIN!) then head back home to work, combating the feeling that I was driving the wrong way. Settle into home office and get ‘er done. Family home at 5:45, dinner, hang out, then pass out with Charlotte.

Tuesday, February 2

Wake up at 1:30am, remembering I need to pack for my 5:00am flight. Oops! Do some laundry, fold laundry while watching Desperate Housewives, pack bag, take a quick bath, get dressed, kiss the family, take out the trash, and drive to the airport. Board plane and fall asleep the second my seat belt is fastened. Continue to mostly sleep my way through three flights to Atlanta, with the exception of getting a 10 minute foot rub in a day spa in the Indianapolis airport (awesome!). Walk through the world’s busiest (and super huge) airport, get to hotel, eat, absorb cable, check email, then pass out again until later in the afternoon. Realize that all tourist spots I planned to visit that day, deeming a 5:00am flight necessary, are closed. Get ready for dinner and roll eyes back in head with heavenly food. Go back to hotel, watch some more cable, do some more work, do a little more wedding research, and conk out.  

Wednesday, February 3

Site visit for upcoming event which means walking all over an enormous convention center. Participate in tasting lunch, reveling in the best grits in the world. More tours and such. Back to hotel for a bit before going to dinner in famous diner in Atlanta’s Buckhead. More grits (!) and potato chips with more bleu cheese than humanly thought possible. Back to the hotel to absorb some more cable, including the repeat of the 19 and Counting premiere, look for photographers for that wedding, and work a bit. Then, you guessed it – out like a light!

Thursday, February 4

Rise early to beat traffic and security lines at the airport. Arrive at airport and go through security within 20 minutes of leaving the hotel. That doesn’t happen very often. Use the extra time to have breakfast (grits again!) and the world’s best decaf coffee from Dunkin’ Donuts (seriously – it was so amazing!!!). Leave travel companions who had direct flights to Minneapolis and head to my gate waaaaaaaay at the end of the airport. Get there, buy a water and a magazine, then realize I have 20 minutes until my flight. Oops! Hop on board, realize I’ll be able to watch a movie while in flight, and can’t wait to get to cruising altitude. Watch movie, work a bit, then land in Detroit. Rinse, wash, repeat, land in Minneapolis. Ditto above, back in Fargo to my dear husband. Drive to daycare to get the kids, go to Old Navy and Sam’s Club, head home for dinner, playtime, baths, and bed – sweet bed.

Friday, February 5

Regular routine – early again! – then back home for official day #2 of working from home office. Try to figure out new work PayPal account for most of the day, go get pizza at the end of the work day, get home to family + 1 (nephew spent the night in preparation for Saturday’s festivities). Start transferring photos to Flickr (last update was November – oops) and fall asleep. Wake up to transfer another set, then back to sleep.

Saturday, February 6

Nephew wakes up at 6:30am – WHAT? Thankfully Casey goes downstairs with him and the rest of us sleep until 8:30 or so. Charlotte gets crabby at 10:00, but doesn’t want to nap. Casey, Peter and nephew head out for the Monster Truck show at 11:30am and Charlotte decides that a nap is a good idea after all. We fall asleep together on the couch and I wake up to the phone ringing to see that I drooled all over her face. Sorry! Talk to mom and learn that grandpa has a birthday party until 3:30. Call out for lunch and transfer photos to back up disks as Charlotte naps. Charlotte awoke, ate half my sandwich, then we were off to the party. Hung out for a while then went to Target for miscellaneous necessities in life. Headed home to the boys and awaited in-laws’ arrival for birthday dinner. Headed out for dinner, walked around mall afterwards, and helped coffee cart woman who dumped most of her supplies down the elevator shaft. Home and up to bed for the kids and Casey, Saturday Night Live and scrapbooking on Snapfish for me. Decide to take a bath at 2:00am while reading book club selection which will be reviewed next week, then off to bed.

Sunday, February 7

Repeat the moment to spare Mass attendance. Teach religion class right afterwards while family gets groceries. Head home to play a game, then make banana and peanut butter cup ice cream (two separate ice creams). Kids head up to play together while we’re downstairs, with Casey making dinner. It’s quiet as we eat dinner alone. Casey suggests they’ve taken all my Mary Kay inventory out of the drawer and are sampling it. Consider that and have him go check on the kids. Nothing to worry about. Decide that blog is way out of date and should do something about it. Start watching Super Bowl and writing. Kids come downstairs. Charlotte is climbing on me, thus ending this post. Right now.