You heard it right. I’m loving my VCR right now.

You remember what a VCR is, right?

Are you bewildered why I would love one let alone still have one?

Six years ago, when Casey and I moved into our house we decided to go without cable. It was mainly to save some cash until we knew what our budgets would be like with the addition of a mortgage and all the additional costs a home brings into your life.

Six years later, we’re still without cable or a DVR or TiVo or anything really. In fact, when we got the digital box this past winter we “got cable” in the form of the addition of the CW to our line up of CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox and PBS.

So…why am I loving our VCR? I love Desperate Housewives. I know, I know. I can’t help it. I never watched it until my maternity leave with Charlotte, when I decided to start with the first season and plow my way through.

DH just happens to be on the same time as I’m in a classroom (hopefully) teaching a group of 9th graders about Jesus and their Catholic faith.

Before I leave for class I pop in the tape (only one I have for recording), rewind it to the beginning, and ask my dear husband to start recording at 7:55. When I get home I put Charlotte to bed and then head down to the couch to catch up with the ladies.

Tonight I had a picnic for work so I set it to record The Office wedding. Actually…I don’t have the remote for the VCR anymore so I can’t really set it. I just turned it on and let it record everything until we returned home.

Now I’m sitting back to enjoy the grainy quality in all its glory, commercials and all as I’m too tired right now to get up and fumble with the fastforward button.

An oldie but a definite goodie.