The two monkeys I have at my house crack me up.

They love taking baths – together, separate, whatever. As long as they have an endless supply of bubble bath and tub toys, they’re set for hours. (Daddy can hold out over an hour. I’m ready for them to get out after 20 minutes. Therefore, Daddy is the preferred bather.)

According to Daddy, their favorite toy is my Mary Kay facial cleanser. If I happen to leave it down, they descend on it almost immediately.

Last night Casey left them for a nano second to grab a clean towel.

When he popped his head back in the door he noticed the kids had my cleanser and were about to squeeze the remaining contents into the water.

“Peter. That’s Mommy’s special soap. Why are you doing that?” asked Casey.

“A cause (because) you weren’t watching us!” answered Peter.

Huh. Makes sense, I guess.

I just wish it didn’t cost $18 a bottle…