First off…let’s pretend it’s still Thursday. But only until you’re done reading. Then party like a rockstar (which for us is watching Hannah Montana: The Movie) and enjoy your Friday!

I can’t help but appreciate and love my kids’ reactions to our first family pets, brought home last night after a trip out for bubble bath.

It might have been an impulse buy on my husband’s part, but we are now the proud owners of…





and Sharkie


(I’m pretty sure I got those in the right order.)

These are technically the kids’ second pets. They had two goldfish (Nemo and Rosie) that experienced a bit of trauma (aka “held by Peter”) on the way home from the store and made it about two hours.

Casey brought home the new members of our family last night and we were extra careful to avoid trauma (still aka “held by Peter”).

Charlotte pointing to the fish


Here’s hoping that Nemo, Dori, and Sharkie live long and prosper.

And if by chance they don’t…that the kids aren’t too heartbroken if we need to have a traditional goldfish funeral.

Update – Nemo has left the building. The kids haven’t noticed yet, so I think we might do a switch-a-roo. That’s not deception, is it? Hope not!