Have you ever heard of a woman-centric house? Not the “if mama ain’t happy, ain’t nobody happy” kind of woman-centric, but an actual method of home design.

I hadn’t until I was asked to join a Facebook group about that very topic.

I proceeded with wary caution and was amused with what  I found.

Contractors have coined the phrase “woman-centric” to describe homes in which they actually talked to the female head of house before throwing up the two by fours and calling it good. (Okay, I know there is a heck of a lot more to it than that, I’m just being factious.)

The vendor that invited me into their Facebook group doesn’t describe the woman-centric home on their website so I found the skinny elsewhere (disclaimer: I have no idea if these guys are legitimately woman-centric, but I liked their site better than some of the others).

There are some great ideas out there! If we ever build our own home (and let me tell you, after just reading about The Pioneer Woman’s lodge remodel, I don’t think I have the patience or the cash or the patience or the cash), I would seriously consider some of these ideas.

Now, I noticed that there are a few design incorporations that were left out, such as:

  1. A laundry chute! Now I guess that’s probably more granular, but it should be a staple. We have a two-story home with a two-story chute (one opening in the bathroom and one in the kitchen). I heard recently that these might be a fire hazard and can’t go into new homes. In that case, we’re never moving.
  2. Concealed spots next to your bedside table for a helmet that you can slip on before going to bed with your 1-year-old daughter, her spindly arms and legs, and her new baby doll with the hardest plastic head in the world.
  3. How about a sound proof room for when the kids start playing instruments and the strains of music are a bit hard on the nerves? I kid, I kid. Music is a wonderful gift, but why do kids love to bang on piano keys with the force of a 200 pound man?
  4. An electronic display that can reassure me that I did indeed lock the doors before getting cozy in bed.
  5. A washing machine that can automatically move its contents to the dryer or hanging rack. Then when dry, fold said contents and deliver to their respective rooms. I love the idea of laundry, but stink at the implementation.

What would your woman-centric home include?