I almost forgot about my new Thursday ritual, but instantly remembered – and chose a topic – when I looked at my kitchen floor.

I’d show you a before picture of the floor, but won’t in fear of what you’d think of me.

We have a white tile floor and “dirt magnet” would be an understatement. With a floor like ours (which we inherited with the house and most certainly did not install ourselves), we’ve poked around for better floor cleaning solutions since we moved in almost six years ago.

We tried the twisty mop with its grubby tentacles. We experimented with the traditional sponge mop with its dirt-loving scrubber. We resorted to good old hand scrubbing. Boy does that take a long time.

Then we found it. The Shark steam mop. (Cue heavenly choirs.)

the shark

This thing is great. All you have to do is fill it with water, wait 30 seconds for it to warm up, and you’re off!

It cleans with steam (no chemicals for your baby to try and lick off the floor) and dries quickly (no falling babies as they run at you, longing to be held).

The only downside is that you might have to sweep your corners/edges after use if your floor was really dirty…which mine usually is. But the excellent, fast cleaning makes up for this task.

So there you go, another of my favorite things.

What’s your favorite thing for the week?