Hubby and I celebrated our sixth wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. He gave me a beautiful gift – a Canon EOS 450D (I think my palms were sweating the first time I held it) and I gave him tickets to an ultimate fighting competition (I know my palms were sweating at the thought of attending with him).

I have pictures of just how hubby-o-mine got said tickets, but since the new camera has an HD memory card that’s not compatible with my current reader, so they’ll have to wait a bit longer 🙂

So back to the anniversary…

Six years. Jobs. House. Kids.

“Time flies” is a total understatement.

I was digging through some old notebooks recently and realized that one of them holds the list of gifts we received at our wedding.

It was pretty cool to see that almost all of these gifts are still in use by our family (except for the cheap, Target spatulas that were super brittle and broke within a year. Don’t buy cheap spatulas! Hook yourself up with some Pampered Chef spatulas – they’re awesome!).

There are a few gifts that really stood out when reviewing the list. I would totally register for these gifts again. Perhaps this is a little piece of bridal registery wisdom that I can pass down 🙂

  • We use at least one piece of our Emerill cookware every day and it’s terrific! I wasn’t sure if I’d like stainless steel over nonstick, but it was definitely the right choice for us.
  • Most of our Rubbermaid containers are missing (the puzzle of which became a blog post) but I do like that they’re still clear (no yucky red stains) and that the covers are interchangeable.
  • It was a good idea to pick out a nice set of bath towels (we went with Ralph Lauren). They go through the wash a lot and have held up pretty well. I wouldn’t bother with white towels, though. I don’t use them very often for fear of getting them dirty (which is a weird thought since you SHOULD be clean after a bath…)
  • A large glass pitcher is a great thing to have on hand. It’s almost always in use.
  • You can’t go wrong with a round Pampered Chef baking stone. The imitations aren’t as nice. Sorry, but they aren’t.
  • I love our place mats and cloth napkins. We use the place mats every day, for every meal (which I guess is passed down from my Grandma Ogaard who always dressed her table).
  • We still have our Brita water pitcher. All we need to do is change out the filters every now and then, but always have super cold water (my favorite drink).

There are also a few things we didn’t register for but are now treasures:

  • We received three nativity sets. Although they were a surprise, I love these sets and last year we let Peter place one of the sets himself. Consequently, Baby Jesus was in a manager to the right of the TV and the wise men were hanging out on the left side of the set on top of a speaker.
  • Crystal vases and bowls. I never thought I was a crystal kind of gal. Turns out that I am! I love dressing up fresh flowers or a pretty salad, and I’m very grateful for the smart ladies who gave us these beautiful gifts.
  • On the crystal note…we also received two, identical crystal crosses. They’re so simple yet such a wonderful symbol for our home.
  • We didn’t register for fine china, but I did receive a few pieces from a collection that was chosen for me by above-mentioned Grandma Ogaard, who passed away before Casey and I were married. At my bridal shower, I was surprised with a box of china that was purchased early by Grandma and set aside for future gifts. I’m a bawler by nature, so this was such a wonderful surprise and gift.

So, married ladies – what are your favorite gifts and what would you recommend to a new couple?