Another mom-ism has come true.

Kids are physically unable to leave you alone when you’re in the bathroom.

My mom says that little fingers would constantly dig under the door while she was in the bathroom. Accompanying the little fingers would be crying and “Mommy, are you mad at us?”

All the woman wanted to do was go about her business by herself.

Now I know what that means.

I have a pint-size bathroom stalker of my own. If I leave the room, wails ensue.

Tonight I went into the bathroom and heard the pitter patter of her feet coming towards me. And then joining me.

Later on, I baited her. I tell you that because I don’t want you to think I’m a weirdo who brings a camera into the bathroom with me.

So…I grabbed said camera, went into the bathroom, and called the wee babe.

Five seconds later…

my visitor

coming in

running in

pushing the door back open

waving goodbye

At least she waved bye-bye.