I wonder if I’ll ever get it right when it comes to napping and my kids.

If they really need one, it’s almost impossible to put them down.

But if we’re in the car, both of them are out immediately and then it’s the game of propping their bodies in carts as we make our way through Target or the grocery store (I have come to love those carts that have a built-in child seat – genius!).

If I am using their naptime for a project or lay down to sleep with them, they’ll be up within 30 minutes.

But if I’m waiting for them to wake so we can go visit family (like right now as I type on my phone in my lake cabin), they’ll sleep like bears.

Maybe I should pretend to start cleaning.

That might take care of the slumber…or leave me with a super crabby baby…

I think I’ll just wait it out.