This little boy of mine cracks me up.

shade boy

He likes to sing while he goes to the bathroom, but doesn’t want you to acknowledge that you can hear him.


Our conversation last night as I put him to bed.

Mommy, will you lay with me?

This doesn’t happen very often, so I was going to take advantage of Casey being sick and me getting to be the cuddler.

I crawled into his lower bunk and put my arm around him.

Mommy, please don’t put your arm around me.

I pulled my arm off.

Mommy, please move over a little bit more.

To the wall I retreated.

Okay Mommy, you can leave now.

Brief, but sweet…I guess.


He loves his toys and wants every day to be share day at school. He acts out this wish by bringing a toy downstairs almost every day and then throwing a mild tantrum when I tell him it’s not share day.


When he finishes a stunt (which varies from hopping on one leg to sticking his legs out while riding his bike) he says:

Have you ever seen that trick before?


His best friend is his Dad, but I can be a good friend.


Overheard this morning as he said goodbye to Casey, who is home sick from work today.

Daddy, sometimes I’m mad and sometimes I’m happy. Today I’m happy! That’s just how it goes.


He loves his sister, but sometimes he just has to wail on her. I think it’s a boy thing.


He likes to wear my sunglasses and make funny faces.


Oh how I wish I could stop time…