Last week Peter’s school had a trike-a-thon. As I brought his Spiderman Hot Wheels bike into the playroom I noticed that most of the other bikes were uprights with training wheels.

Surely those had to be for the 7 year olds.

Nope – Peter was pretty much the only 4 year old riding a Hot Wheels bike.


I told Casey about what I saw and we headed over to Island Park Cycles to remedy the bike situation. (I’d prefer to call it “moving him up” rather than “keeping up with the Joneses” or “caving to Mom pressure”.)

riding to Island Park Cycles

It was closed for the night. Tears ensued. We promised to go tomorrow after work.

The next day I met the boys at the shop. After talking Peter out of a green bike that was sized for a 2 year old (really? Kids that young ride upright bikes? Maybe Peter’s just way too tall for his age.), we found the coolest blue bike ever.

Peter's getting a big boy bike!

(That’s bike shop Jen getting the new roadster all checked out.)

A few minutes later, our big boy was riding off into the sunset.

riding off into the sunset

After some “push back to brake” lessons, a run in with a fence, and more “push back to brake” lessons, Peter and Casey were ready to ride the 5 blocks to our house.

first ride home

I drove alongside them in the car, stopping every now and then to offer encouragement and take pictures.

That lasted for about 2 blocks though, as their speed rivaled that of an Amish caravan and I’m just not the most patient person in the world. Especially with cars starting to line up behind me.

I waited with, camera-ready, for them to arrive.

Peter rounded the corner to the garage and crashed into the Impala.

I didn’t get a picture.

When he was done crying, he walked his bike around the yard and tried again to triumphantly enter the garage.

coming down the sidewalk

He also posed for a quick shot…

stopping for a picture

before heading into the garage…

Riding into the garage

where he crashed again.

What an adventure!

(Fast forward – he’s on day four of having his new bike…no more crashes to report!)