I’m going to a birthday lunch for my friend Heather today. Last night right before 9:00 (it’s important to have thoughts before 9:00 as that’s when most of the retail stores close here!) I decided that I would make her a bag as a birthday present.

If you’re keeping track, that would mean a third bag in as many days. What has gotten into me?

I can tell you what has not gotten into me – cleaning my house.

But I digress.

So I started working on bag #3 right around 11:00 and finished it up around 1:00.

bag #3

A new personal record!

The only thing is…I think I might like this bag more than the one I made for myself.

bag #1

But I have a plan.

I have fabric swatches for both bags and will let Heather choose which fabric she likes more.

Brilliant, right?

Think blue, Heather. Think blue.